Hailing from the planet Geminian, where all the inhabitants are somewhat off their rockers, she’s a Gemini—her own twin! Constantly battling her selves. Right brain versus left brain. Creative, free spirited, visual and outgoing versus technical, analytical, linear thinking and stuck in her own head.

Whether beckoned by a frustrated writer in need of editorial assistance, designers in need of writers or executives in need of white papers, Mary relies on the powers of whichever brain is needed.

Somewhat a Jill-of-all-trades, she worked for an advertising agency, a publishing company, a word puzzle magazine, and a record label before moving to New York City and starting her own company, Word Charmers, in 2011. After six years of living in the city, Mary recently relocated to Los Angeles where she continues to run Word Charmers. 

When Mary isn’t writing, editing, proofreading or battling her selves, she’s been seen running, playing Word With Friends, doing random outdoor activities, exploring, playing instruments, traveling, cooking or baking.